Your mentor will help you achieve your goals

It takes a lot of courage to join a new group. However, it is comforting for a new member to know that there is one person especially chosen to watch out for them and encourage their growth – a mentor. Your mentor will help you succeed. Those who develop an enthusiastic, active partnership with their mentor will gain most from their Toastmasters experience.

Mentors are members who have grown and learnt by participating in many different opportunities that Toastmasters provides. They have given a commitment to assist, support and encourage their protégés wherever possible. Together, you and your mentor can plan and achieve your goals.

Learning any new skill takes time, dedication and perseverance. At Toastmasters, you can do this in a positive learning environment. Remember, your mentor has had plenty of support from other club members and started their public speaking journey just like you- by joining Indooroopilly Toastmasters club!