When you are ready to become a member of Indooroopilly Toastmasters, you will need to fill in an Application Form and pay the necessary fees.

You will be assigned, or can choose, a mentor to support you throughout your Toastmasters journey. You can ask questions, get help, make lasting friendships with your mentor and other members of the club as you practice your speaking, listening and thinking skills at Indooroopilly Toastmasters.

We know how hard it is to talk in front of a group of people. Everyone was new like you once and knows how valuable it is to practice in a safe and encouraging environment.

The objective of Toastmasters International is to build confidence in communication through better listening, thinking and speaking. The members of Indooroopilly Toastmasters have built their confidence since joining and know you can too!

Some of the skills to be gained from being a member are:

  1. improved self- esteem and confidence
  2. management and leadership skills
  3. to think quickly and clearly under pressure
  4. improved communication
  5. impressive presentations
  6. how to effectively develop and present ideas

We look forward to helping you on your journey to better listening, thinking and speaking.